Truth, at times is the road less traveled.

Welcome to my blog ! OMG I finally am on my way.. I believe you will enjoy this blog.

I created askimma.com so that I can have a vehicle in which to speak out and guide people to clarity. No more smokey mirrors. Toss those nasty stories away and welcome to clear eyes, mind and spirit.

The 3 most talked about topics – REAL ESTATE , TRAVEL (I spent 18years in this Industry from TWA to Elite Planning), and FOOD  ..all of which I am 100% passionate about.

Life is so full these days  and we are under enormous amounts of stress, the world is moving so fast and so many of us get lost, confusion makes for some of the worst decisions you could ever make one of them could be the largest purchase of your life -REAL ESTATE. It’s not about the commission, to me it’s about you, your future and your investment. One deal won’t make me, nor break me…

I wanted to create a place, where you can come and ask away, anything that you wish to ask, and I bet I have an answer for you …

I am in the Real Estate field, a field that holds many “gray” areas, one that is in need of reform and clarity. From Brokers to Buyers, Sales agents to Sellers, Renters to Landlords so many of you are confused, mis-guided, unsure, not trustworthy and you don’t always understand WHY ? I am here to help.  Not sure you need a broker ?

Visit Why Brooklyn? on You tube..I am the Roaming Gnome Broker- coming to a nabe near you, as a born and bred New Yorker, I have passion for my city, I am well versed in many areas, so come ask me, I dare you.

Send me a quick note and let’s chat, that’s what I love to do, talk about anything Real Estate.

I bet you will be satisfied the minute you send me your woes and I respond. Not only will I address your concerns I will also guide you in making the best decision you can.

Ask away…it’s super valuable advice ?

Would you trust the shoemaker to fix your teeth ?  Then make sure that you put your trust into someone that is transparent and works from the inside out.

Looking forward to your comments/questions and concerns !





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